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Aircraft Hire

Cost Sharing Seats

Private Charter

We currently have many aircraft available please contact us for more information. . .  

Flissair has all that you could possibly need, and so much more. We offer a service which is modernising the aviation world , we share the cost of the flight between passengers and pilot  so we do not make a profit this enables you to travel where and when you would like to go on a non commercial flight. There is no check in or security and you land closer giving you more time for what

you need to do . . .

We get you closer to your destination by taking advantage of smaller business airports. There’s no need to wait in the lounge because your aircraft is waiting for you, and smaller airports mean no time-consuming queues for security checks. Experience the pleasure of having your own aircraft with only your friends and family on board, going directly to where you want to be, with your choice of newspapers, drinks, and catering freshly prepared for each flight.

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